… she has an unnatural attraction to ellipsis …

and … uses them … in the strangest places …

but isn’t the …pause… the mystery and magic of the journey?

I am very much a Southern girl who managed to get herself to France for school and then somehow fell onto the London stage where the amazing Brits had a grand old time molding my work.  It was all quite magical in retrospect.  I then hopped a jet plane here to the Big Apple.  Been working here ever since and feel truly lucky to be able to live in this amazing city and do what I love.  Brief history of me.

Hobbies include: designing jewelry, barre workouts, drinking wine while blogging (clearly), writing with the fountain pen that has traveled the world with me, crocheting off centered scarves for unprepared friends… and I bake the BEST chocolate cake on the planet.  This has not been officially proven, but the satisfied know who they are.   Oh, and I believe in both fairies and Santa Claus (though the fat man has YET to bring me diamond stud earrings or the Smurf lunchbox I requested some 20 odd years ago).  Heroes include Yoda, Adèle Blanc-Sec, Maya Angelou and my sister.


Heather Weston Photography