Breakable You stills with Holly Hunter and Tony Shalhoub coming soon!!  And pictures from Kate Buckley’s beautifully staged Miracle Worker also soon to come!!

I have to say: I am terrible about collecting photos of myself at work – though have no trouble sorting the mementos of each project (i.e ever growing collection of hat pins).  But I am actively pursuing the photographers who captured some of my favorite projects.

As for the photo shoots, a big shout out to great photographers Heather Weston, Melanie Serpersu and Joze Baez; make up artists; and Yvonne Chu at Kimera Designs for capturing my “quiet thinker” side as opposed to the woefully unfortunate candids that always seem catch me mid sentence.  I get very bored with photos of myself, but these artists do amazing work so I had to include them.  Contact me for their information.

ALBUMS COMING SOON… updating site…